What People Are Saying About The Alliance

GE is competing in its third century. The key to sustained performance is developing competitive leaders in every era. The Alliance captures the essence of modern talent development: trust and mutual value creation helps both employer and employee compete in the marketplace. The authors lay out a framework that helps big companies as well as startups develop their people more effectively, while creating a competitive team.
Jeffrey R. Immelt
Chairman and CEO / GE
Engaged employees are the key to success in any business. The Alliance is a terrific book that offers real world insights on how to build loyalty, inspire creativity and manage winning teams for the long term.
Kenneth I. Chenault
Chairman & CEO / American Express
The must-read book of the summer... The Alliance shows how the workplace has changed in recent decades, and how these changes have broken down in the trust in the relationship between employers and employees, to everyone's detriment. And then it shows a way forward so that all benefit.
Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO / Thrive Global
You only have to spend a few minutes with Reid to understand why he is such a successful manager. He’s thoughtful, honest, and has a clear vision for where he wants to go, in everything he does. The Alliance provides detailed guidance on how managers can actually implement the best management practices from Silicon Valley. The advice is as useful for a Fortune 100 CEO as it is for a startup founder working out of a garage--as insightful for someone developing a new app as it is for someone opening a new coffeeshop."   - Read the full review.
Eric Schmidt
Author of The New Digital Age: Transforming Nations, Businesses and Our Lives
The real secret of Silicon Valley is that it’s really all about the people.' This is the sentence that jumps off the page for me in the opening chapter of The Alliance. I believe this deeply. Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh show us why in their fabulous new book on managing talent in the networked age... The Alliance touches on leadership themes that I have tried to practice throughout my career.
John Donahoe
CEO / Nike
The Alliance offers useful strategies for combating this kind of complacency and creating environments where innovation flourishes. As the authors explain, it all comes down to people.
Mike Bloomberg
Former Mayor of New York City and Founder / Bloomberg LP
Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh have written an outstanding and important book. I encourage you to get a copy right now and read it this weekend. The book, and the concept, is tightly written and extremely readable. Reid, Ben and Chris - thanks for writing this book. I hope, in 20 years, it's as important as The Organization Man by William Whyte was in its day.
Brad Feld
Managing Director / Foundry Group
I found the book to be relevant, informative, and actionable in a way that will enhance any organization's efforts in building high performing teams. The book was full of real-world insights and ideas that I believe make great reading for any leader. In particular, the authors put forth three ideas for building teams that really resonated with me, because I have experienced them first hand in my own professional life.
Brad Smith
CEO / Intuit
We all know that companies no longer offer long term employment, let alone life time employment. And yet they pretend that they do. The authors of this terrific short book explain how employers and employees should have a more honest, productive and dynamic relationships in an age when employment is likely to be temporary, shifting and disruptive. This is good whether you manage people or are managed by them.
Fareed Zakaria
A smart, fresh, (and occasionally bracing) look at the evolving relationship between the bosses and the bossed. It’s a terrific and accessible read that provides business leaders with both insights and tools to handle a world in which talent is paramount.
Daniel Pink
Author of Drive, A Whole New Mind, Free Agent Nation
The Alliance clearly defines many of the new models for work needed in today's business. Tours of duty, network intelligence, and alumni networks are powerful ways companies can learn to better attract high performers, grow their business, and model HR for the future. These are principles which apply to every company, regardless of size, age, and maturity.
Josh Bersin
Principal / Bersin by Deloitte
One of the most critical issues facing companies today is their ability to retain top talent. In “The Alliance: Managing Talent for the Networked Age”, Reid takes readers through a “tour of duty” framework, showing managers how they can create a mutually beneficial alliance with employees that will not only keep them engaged, but inspire them to become CEOs of their own destinies. I highly recommend this book for any forward-thinking business leader.
Maynard Webb
Former CEO & Chairman / Salesforce and Visa board member
The Alliance is easily one of the most actionable and important books I’ve ever read related to motivating and retaining talented employees.
Melanie Duppins
Senior Director of Policy & Human Capital / DonorsChoose.org